High standards, simplicity and discretion

If a date had to be written in stone, it would be 1690, the year the family acquired the mythical property Ausone. Since then, one generation has followed another until the 11th, with the arrival of Alain Vauthier’s children, in charge of the six vineyards (Château Ausone, Château La Clotte, Château Moulin-Saint-Georges, Château Haut-Simard, Château Simard, Château de Fonbel) now nurtured by the family. Through their respective backgrounds and intuitions, Pauline, Édouard and Constance have found their roles around shared values of high standards, simplicity and discretion. 

This land and family heritage forms a hereditary and deep-rooted link to the terroirs of Saint-Émilion, so close and so different at the same time. 

Alain Vauthier

A native of Libourne, Alain Vauthier started working on the family estates in the 1970s. A winegrower to the core and a countryman at heart, he strives to give meaning to this heritage by combining precision, passion and innovation. In 2014, he added a new gem to the family’s collection, Château La Clotte. The team that surrounds Alain Vauthier to take care of these hundred hectares has gradually been enriched by the arrival of the next generation. 
alain Vauthier
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Pauline Vauthier

After studying viticulture and oenology and experience working in South Africa, Pauline was the first to return to the fold in 2006. This enthusiastic horse rider is now technical director of all the Vauthier vineyards.

 With her knowledge of the plots, the blends and the winemaking process, she puts her signature on the wines. 

Edouard Vauthier

Édouard has a winemaking background too, but also studied for a business diploma followed by five years spent selling wines in Asia. On returning to France in 2019, he took charge of reception and customer relations as well as representing the wines on export markets. In addition, he oversees all stages of winemaking. On the tractor one day and on a plane the next, he is the “Swiss army knife” of Vignobles Vauthier.

Constance Vauthier

After a professional career as a vet specialising in horses, Constance chose to join the family firm in 2020. She looks after management, accounts and legal issues, in addition to taking care of restructuring, construction work and the Research & Development division.

The spirit
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