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There is a premise close to the family’s heart: above all, a great wine is made in the vineyard. It was not just to follow fashion, therefore, that the Vauthier family has committed to organic certification, to preserve the soils, landscapes, groundwater, in short, the biodiversity of which people are a part. From organic inputs (manure, compost, seedlings, etc.) to homoeopathic leaf preparations (trace elements, infusions, silica, etc.), everything is thought out to maintain the vine’s balance and immune system. More than thirty years ago, the Vauthier family introduced sexual confusion to combat Cochylis and, more broadly, integrated farming practices. 

This rigour in the vineyard, which is also reflected in reduced yields, reveals grapes that are increasingly marked by their terroir from one vintage to the next. This is the result of observation and regular tasting of the berries. 

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This upstream “gardening” approach allows for minimal intervention in the cellar, giving wines that express the typical character of the place where they were born. Ageing in tank or barrel stems from this same philosophy, with the aim of producing pure wines, wines that provoke emotion. 

In addition to the family members, mention should also be made of the cellar master of Châteaux Simard, Haut-Simard and La Clotte, Thierry Lezin; the cellar master of Châteaux de Fonbel, Moulin-Saint-Georges and Ausone, Philippe Baillarguet; and the vineyard manager for all the estates, Laurent Vallet. Winemaking is a team sport, the result of discussion and commitment.   

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